Image Cleanup


Understand which images are currently being used in your project and safely remove those that are no longer required.

RoboHelp has a tendency to keep hold of images even when you have deleted them from your project. They do not appear in Project Manager, but references to them will be retained in your project folders. This may not be desirable, so that’s where a spot of housekeeping might be in order.

When you have been working on the same project for a long time, there is a good chance that your RoboHelp project folders will contain many unused images. This is often due to RoboHelp not deleting the images from disk when they have been removed from a topic. This can be confusing, because how do you know which images are still used and which images can be removed? Fear not, the Image Cleanup script will help you by quickly identifying all unused images and (optionally) safely removing them on your behalf.


Willam van Weelden


June 29, 2015


June 29, 2015






RoboHelp 8+

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